book quote pewter banner and stainless steel chain metal stamped necklace

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This is a custom pewter and stainless steel necklace. The pewter banner measures about 1.75 inches long. It will come on a 16 inch stainless steel chain with a lobster clasp, unless you request a longer chain. I have multiple fonts available. In the plain tiny font shown in the first photo, I can fit 3 rows of 25 characters. In handywriting (3rd photo) I can fit 2 rows of 12 characters. Most other fonts will fit 10 characters in one line.

Each font will hold a different number of characters. If you are unsure of whether a quote will fit, please send me a message before ordering.

This pewter does not contain lead.
A note about Pewter: Most of my items are made from aluminum, but pewter is a bit more pliable than aluminum is, so there is a slight give to the banner if you press on it. It still holds up really well as a necklace and will not bend or dent with normal wear.